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How will progressive web apps transform customer interactions?

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How will progressive web apps transform customer interactions?

Whether it’s brands applying AI to aid customer service or using advanced analytics in the decision-making process, we’re finally beginning to see digital transformation take fruition

Our research shows that the pandemic has put the spotlight on digital, and businesses are now making strategic investments to stay afloat in a turbulent landscape. Customer service will be a key beneficiary of these investments, with brands across every industry now taking steps to ensure their customer journeys are as seamless as possible.

In the quest to make customers interactions more meaningful and personalised, progressive web apps (PWAs) have emerged as a key technology set to bring transformative change. Those who make the move to utilise PWAs are sure to set themselves apart from the rest – but what are PWAs and how will they change the commerce landscape? PWAs in a nutshell

The reality is app fatigue has well and truly set in. Consumers no longer want to download and install countless native applications on their mobiles – most downloads are now to new devices or involve restoring a user’s existing apps on a replacement device

PWAs act as a cure to this fatigue. Announced back in 2015 as ‘experiences that combine the best of the web and best of apps,’ PWAs are essentially high-functioning and extremely responsive websites.

They are able to reach anybody, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase and should be thought of as capable, reliable and installable – these are the three elements which make them feel […]

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