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Top must have features of a progressive web app

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Top must have features of a progressive web app

The last few years have been really big for the mobile web. With the increase in the usage of mobile apps, businesses are always striving to offer a fast and efficient experience to their users. This not only makes users happy but also helps businesses to boost their sales.

To help businesses in achieving all this, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are proving to be their savior and in recent times, there is a huge user base that is shifting to Progressive Web Apps.

In this article, we will talk in detail about Progressive Web Apps and some of the exciting features to have in your PWA.

What is progressive web app?

Progressive web apps (PWA) are the ones that are created using technologies like JS, HTML, and CSS. They offer the look and feel of native applications. PWA services are highly in demand as progressive web apps are rich in functionality, and offer smooth user experience just like native apps.

PWAs are known to offer outstanding app-like experience on the web and facilitate businesses to engage with their customers. These days, most businesses, irrespective of their size, are finding PWAs to be one of the best options to deliver what their users need. Most businesses have either replaced or are planning to replace their websites with high-performing PWAs.

Also, to get their PWAs developed they reach out to the best PWA development company . The e-commerce industry is one of the top-growing sectors for Progressive Web Apps. PWAs have effectively blurred the lines […]

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